1. Visit the North Shore of Pittsburgh and the National Aviary

    When you are planning your trip to the North Shore area of Pittsburgh, you’ll have to choose how to use your time. We have some suggestions about activities as well as places to dine. National Aviary For birders and non-birders alike, there is something to delight everyone at the national Aviary. With a list of species as long as your arm, the National Aviary has birds from five distinct  geogr…Read More

  2. A Day of Art in Pittsburgh

    When you are planning a day out in Pittsburgh, sports fields may come to mind, but the Steel City also has some world-class art museums. Asiago’s Wine and Martini Bar, located on the North Shore, is proud to be part of what downtown Pittsburgh has to offer visitors and residents. the warhol The museum, according to the museum’s site, houses “900 paintings, approximately 100 sculptures and ne…Read More

  3. The Abundant Benefits Of Drinking Wine

    While we realize that there are a flurry of headlines every year filled with misconceptions and talking about the health benefits of wine, there are some facts that hold true against the test of time. So the next time you're looking for a wine bar in Johnston, look no further than Asiago's Wine & Martini Bar! In the meantime, check out these great health benefits that come from moderate wine c…Read More

  4. Why Date Nights Are Still Important

    Whether you've been with your partner for five weeks or you've been married for a decade, date night is still a ritual you need to regularly observe with your significant other. While we know this isn't some revolutionary news and that any relationship advice will include a date night to keep that spark alive, many people still ignore this advice! So pull up Google, search for, "Italian restaurant…Read More

  5. The Basics of Wine Pairing Part 2

    Finding the right wine to go with your food will bring out the best in your meal.  Asiago's Wine & Martini Bar isn't your typical Italian restaurant near you in Johnstown. Not only will you experience authentic Italian and Tuscan meals served with the perfect wines, but we also want to help you to find the right wine when you're at home. That's why, in our last blog, we went over the basic fl…Read More

  6. The Basics of Wine Pairing

    There’s nothing like a delicious Italian meal with the perfect glass of wine. Italian food and wine go hand in hand perfectly, but you have to find the right wine for your meal. Wine can either bring out the subtle flavors in your food or it can drown them out, which is why it’s important to find the right wine for your meal. At Asiago’s Wine & Martini Bar, we are more than just an Itali…Read More

  7. Fine Italian Dining in the Heart of Pittsburgh

    Asiago’s is the Best Italian Restaurant Near You! When you are in downtown Pittsburgh for a Steelers game, a Pirates game, a concert, or just here to explore what this great town has to offer be sure to ask your phone “find Italian restaurants near me”. If you get the best results, the top of your list will be Asiago’s Tuscan Italian Restaurant and Wine & Martini Bar. Something For Eve…Read More

  8. Step Back from the Crowd and Up from Stadium Food

    Finally, football season is back. Break out the black and gold, grab your towels and head to Heinz Field. If you want a step up from stadium food and a step back from the crowds and traffic, step into Asiago’s Tuscan Italian Restaurant and Wine & Martini Bar. We offer fine Italian dining in the heart of Pittsburgh activity. When you ask ‘what is an Italian Restaurant near me’ when you ar…Read More