When you are planning your trip to the North Shore area of Pittsburgh, you’ll have to choose how to use your time. We have some suggestions about activities as well as places to dine.

National Aviary

  • For birders and non-birders alike, there is something to delight everyone at the national Aviary.
  • With a list of species as long as your arm, the National Aviary has birds from five distinct  geographical regions.
  • Come watch the 18 African penguins in their $1.7 million exhibit, that gives you a 360-degree view of the tuxedoed birds.
  • If birds are not totally your thing, you’ll surely be charmed by the baby sloth! Come and meet the baby sloth born in October of 2015, that has recently been included in the  exhibit.
  • You can interact with the baby sloth beginning March 25.

Asiago’s Wine and Martini Bar on the North Shore

  • A short, 14-minute walk from the National Aviary will find you on the North Shore of the Allegheny River.
  • This area that recently had a $14 million facelift, turning it into a great tourist destination.
  • While the drinks bar makes it clear we are adult-friendly we also have selections that will please children of all ages.
  • Asiago’s serves child-friendly dishes like gnocchi, baked pizza rolls, mozzarella moons, spaghetti. There is also a dessert menu that includes homemade peanut butter cheesecake and made-to-order donuts.
  • Parents and kids are sure to leave happy and full.

When you are planning a day on the North Shore of Pittsburgh, you’ll be in for a day of delights. There are activities for the whole family and Asiago’s has a menu that will allow you to dine like a king. We serve lunch, dinner and drinks.