While we realize that there are a flurry of headlines every year filled with misconceptions and talking about the health benefits of wine, there are some facts that hold true against the test of time. So the next time you’re looking for a wine bar in Johnston, look no further than Asiago’s Wine & Martini Bar! In the meantime, check out these great health benefits that come from moderate wine consumption.

  • It promotes longevity! It’s true – wine drinkers actually have a 34% lower mortality rate than those who drink mostly spirits or beer.
  • Wine can also help to reduce your risk of a heart attack. This is another true one! People who are moderate drinkers and who suffer from high blood pressure are actually 30% less likely to have a heart attack than those who do not drink.
  • Wine can also help reduce your risk of Type 2 Diabetes. With Type 2 Diabetes on the rise in America, it may pay off to have a couple of glasses of red wine each week. Moderate wine drinkers have a 30% less chance of developing Type 2 Diabetes than those who do not drink.
  • Wine reduces your risk of stroke, too. In fact, your chances of suffering a blood clot-related stroke drops by about 50% in people who consume moderate amounts of wine.
  • Wine helps to reduce brain decline. It’s true! Your brain function declines at a much faster rate if you’re a nondrinker than if you’re a moderate drinker.
  • Wine cuts your risk of colon cancer. Moderate consumption of red wine reduces your chances of colon cancer by 45%!