Finding the right wine to go with your food will bring out the best in your meal. 

Asiago’s Wine & Martini Bar isn’t your typical Italian restaurant near you in Johnstown. Not only will you experience authentic Italian and Tuscan meals served with the perfect wines, but we also want to help you to find the right wine when you’re at home. That’s why, in our last blog, we went over the basic flavor profiles to help you pair wine and food. Today, we will be going over common wine and food pairing techniques:

Regional Pairing

Regional pairing is all about finding regional matches. For example, when serving Italian food, you would also serve Italian wine. Regional pairing doesn’t always provide the best results, but it is an easy way to start pairing wine and food.

Acid and Acid

Contrary to popular belief, acidic wine actually pairs quite nicely with acidic foods. Just be careful that your food is not more acidic than your wine, as this can make your wine taste flat.

Sweet and Salty

Sweet and salty is a popular, mouth-watering combination in food, but is also works well for pairing wine. Try a sweet wine with your favorite salty dish.

Bitter and Fat

Find something fatty and juicy, like a steak, and pair it with a wine that has lots of tannins, like a red wine. This is a classic combination that you’ll love.

Acid and Fat

Serving an acidic wine with a fatty meal will add a whole other range of delectable flavors to your food.