1. Warm Ingredients in Tuscan Dishes

    Summer is just around the corner, and while the weather is still heating up, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy a little heat, for example, many of the dishes here at Asiago’s Wine & Martini Bar. If you’ve been craving something a little warmer, below are a few of the dishes that you should come in and try. Each of the following dishes offers a little something extra, to spice up your…Read More

  2. Enjoying a Sweet Treat at Asiago Wine & Martini Bar

    Some people are born with a sweet tooth, but even if you aren’t the biggest fan of sweet treats and delicious desserts, there are days where at the end of a great meal or a long day, all you can think about is a nice slice of cake with a warm cup of coffee. At Asiago’s Wine & Martini Bar, we know that dessert is more of a craft and art than it is an end to a meal, and that’s why we’ve …Read More

  3. The Importance of Fresh Ingredients in Italian Food

    Fresh ingredients make for an absolutely delicious meal, but there are plenty of restaurants that don’t use fresh ingredients when preparing their dishes which can keep you from enjoying a delicious meal and decrease the benefits of the tasty dishes that you should be enjoying when visiting a restaurant. At Asiago’s Tuscan Italian Restaurant, we do everything that we can to provide our custome…Read More