breadOne of the many perks of dining at Asiago’s Tuscan Italian Restaurant is being able to indulge in the fresh baked bread that we serve with your meal. If you’ve never enjoyed fresh bread, then this is a treat that will absolutely change your life. Aside from the fact that any dish that you order off of our menu will be uncomparable to the Italian food you’ve had up to this point. The fresh baked bread that will accompany your dish is something that we take pride in, and it’s because we’ve figured out a way to make it a memorable part of every meal, for a couple of different reasons.

It’s Warm

Warming up bread can make it nice and warm for when you’re eating your dinner, but it is just not the same as eating fresh baked bread. At Asiago’s, we prepare the bread we serve right in our kitchen, which means that it’s nice and toasty when we bring it out to you. Whether you’re using it for dunking or you’re looking to spread some butter for all of it’s melted delicious affects, this warm, fresh baked bread is something that will immediately improve just how much you enjoy your meal when you visit us.

Distinct Taste

If you have yet to enjoy freshly baked bread, then you will definitely notice that the bread at Asiago’s will have a different taste than you’re used to. The tough crust of the bread will have a taste that you can remember and indulge in, even after the first bite. The yeast that gets baked into this can have a very noticeable flavor, one that will soak into your taste buds so that you can enjoy each and every bite. It’s incredibly different than any bread that has been shipped in and sat around for a couple of days.

If you are a lover of delicious food, then Asiago’s Tuscan Italian Restaurant is a place that you need to stop in and enjoy. Especially if you’re ready to try some fresh baked bread!