ingredientsFresh ingredients make for an absolutely delicious meal, but there are plenty of restaurants that don’t use fresh ingredients when preparing their dishes which can keep you from enjoying a delicious meal and decrease the benefits of the tasty dishes that you should be enjoying when visiting a restaurant. At Asiago’s Tuscan Italian Restaurant, we do everything that we can to provide our customers with delicious meals, and that includes using fresh ingredients in the dishes that we prepare.

When it comes to Italian food, using fresh ingredients is an absolute must, for a few different reasons. This is why you should only be enjoying Italian food from restaurants that prepare with fresh ingredients.

It’s Classic

Italian food is full of culture, and with that culture comes a classic taste and delicious meal, but it’s only possible when you’re actually enjoying the bold flavors that these dishes offer. The combination of these fresh ingredients is exactly what makes the memorable flavors that have gained a following for this specific food group. At Asiago’s Tuscan Italian Restaurant, we take pride in the historic part of the culture that lies behind these dishes, so we use only the freshest of ingredients to ensure that every dish is as tasty as it was created to be.

A Mix of It All

Italian food truly mixes up quite a bit of ingredients in order to create the absolutely delicious dishes that we all know and love. From the fresh oregano to the recognizable basil, all of our dishes incorporate tasty pieces of our garden. While it is something that happens with just about every recipe, it’s hard to have quality Italian food if you aren’t using fresh ingredients for each of your recipes. At Asiago’s Italian Restaurant, we know just how important this is, so we make sure that each recipe is loaded with fresh ingredients to create one of a kind dishes. Trust us, even if you’ve stopped by all of the Italian restaurants in Johnstown, you have yet to try anything like the dishes that we prepare here.

We truly do believe in using fresh ingredients with each of our dishes, and that’s honestly what separates us from any other Italian restaurant. Stop by Asiago’s Tuscan Italian Restaurant today and enjoy one of the many delicious dishes that we offer and get a taste of what quality Italian food tastes like.