Some people are born with a sweet tooth, but even if you aren’t the biggest fan of sweet treats and delicious desserts, there are days where at the end of a great meal or a long day, all you can think about is a nice slice of cake with a warm cup of coffee. At Asiago’s Wine & Martini Bar, we know that dessert is more of a craft and art than it is an end to a meal, and that’s why we’ve decided to go over a few of our favorite dessert pairings so that you can stop by, relax and indulge in the best dessert in the Johnstown area.

Tiramisu & House Blend Kona Coffee

If you’re wanting to indulge in a classic Italian dessert, our Tiramisu is a great go to. This rich and flavorful meal is one that you are going to absolutely love every bite of. With bold coffee, tasty ladyfingers, and a sweet cream recipe, we create a very special dessert that offers a dessert to lust over. While the coffee is bold, the cream and cocoa are rich, and the combination of them all makes it easy to get lost in the flavors. Pair a piece of our tiramisu with a house blend Kona coffee, and you’re sure to really treat yourself to a fantastic dessert.

Spumoni Ice Cream & Chocolate Irishman

When cakes aren’t your go-to for desserts, and you’re more of an ice cream person, our spumoni ice cream dish is the one that will be calling to you! A combination of pistachio, chocolate and cherry ice cream are served to you in a bowl. Each of these flavors compliments each other incredibly making it one of the most memorable ice cream desserts out there. If you’re feening for this dish, try pairing it with our Chocolate Irishman. This drink offers a contrasting warmth to your experience, and it has just enough chocolate to match the spumoni perfectly.

If you’re not really sure what you’re in the mood for, you can ask your server about the dessert martini flight. The selection changes on a weekly basis, so you’ll always be enjoying something new, but this way you can get a little taste of it all.

Call Asiago’s Wine & Martini Bar to schedule your dinner or dessert indulgence.